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This Restorative Practices in Schools Toolkit is an online and public access guide to a collection of resources designed to educate and support practitioners, school staff & administrators, parents and community members about Restorative Practices (RP)in schools. The goal is to lead toolkit users down the path to a Restorative Whole School approach.

RP in schools are a set of practices and values that holistically prevents and repairs harm, builds community and relationships resulting in a positive supportive school climate.
It is the view of the authors of this site that a culture shift away from a punitive response and towards a restorative response is necessary for all schools. The resources in The Restorative Practices in Schools Toolkit can be helpful to those using restorative practices to achieve this shift.

This toolkit is not designed to be an all inclusive guide as there are other excellent resources available, rather it is a collective of useful resources selected by a diverse group of RJ stakeholders with extensive knowledge and experience in the philosophy of restorative justice.

Further, the toolkit should not to be used in place of training and is not a platform to begin practicing RP without extensive training or professional development. We hope you find it useful in your work in schools and beyond and that you seek the training necessary to achieve a truly restorative school.

The toolkit includes information about: [all links to appropriate pages]

*Some of this content is original while some has been gathered from publically available resources. Credit is given to authors as much as possible. *

Invest in schools

Restorative Justice in Schools is a paradigm shift that focuses on building relationships and community throughout the school and when conflict arises, Restorative Justice helps repair the harm and restore the relationships. Whole school transformation with Restorative Justice requires a commitment to proper training, policy and resource support and patience. This great video from New York highlights the benefits and considerations for all schools.

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